We were pleased to accept an award from Rock Hill Schools as a

2015 Outstanding Business Partner

for our work with local school children.  This is a labor of love for us, and one we certainly do just because it makes us feel good ... winning an award like this though, sure adds to that great feeling!

Kut Kreator Barber Shop wins the 2015 Outstanding Business Partner Award from Rock Hill Schools
Award-winning Rock Hill, SC barbers
Kut Kreator owners, Jovan and Cleavon Bradley were honored to accept the award and congratulations of  Rock Hill SC schools

Right:  Here we are with Dr. Norris Williams, Principal of Dutchman Creek Middle School, who nominated us for this award.  Thanks, Dr. Williams!

Kut Kreator Barber Shop Competition trophies
More Kut Kreator Barbers trophies

Trophies, Trophies and More Trophies!

Barber competitions aren’t for your everyday haircuts.  They allow barbers to show their creative side in sometimes outlandish ways.  Utilizing hair as their canvas, a barber can create anything that his/her mind can envision. 

Competition entry for Kut Kreator

With business picking up every year, Kut Kreator doesn’t have as much time to enter competitions these days.  But their trophies and awards say it all!

On the left is a competition entry for Kut Kreator back in 2011.... obviously not something you wear to work; but with only 45 minutes to create some kind of fantastic freestylin’ design based on the theme, “Rumble in the Jungle,” this “fruit basket” design was a great offering for the competition sponsored by Shabazz Barber School.

Community and competition awards and newspaper articles about their Kut Kreator Barber Shop are the pride and joy of the Bradley brothers.


2008 Award

This framed article is from their 2008 participation in the competition


 Why get a cut ... when you can get a Kreation!!

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