Kut Kreator isn’t just a barber shop .... thanks to the efforts of these innovative twin barbers, it’s become what you might call the ultimate man cave€¯ and social hot spot for their Rock Hill, SC neighborhood. Jovon and Cleavon Bradly open early for those who want to get haircuts or shaves and socialize with friends before work.  There’s an ongoing checker game, sports on TV, free wi-fi access for the computer set, and plenty of conversation and friendship to go around.  They even host a very famous Superbowl party every year for their customers.

Originally from Harrisburg, PA, the Bradley brothers moved to Rock Hill, SC and have realized their calling as licensed barbers and founding co- owners of one very cool barber shop!

After graduation from Shabazz Barber College in 1997, they worked for the college for seven years before opening Kut Kreator Barber Shop in 2004 ..... and the rest is barber shop history!!

Kut Kreator isn’t your ordinary barber shop, by the way.  Jovon and Cleavon love their friends and neighbors, as well as all the children who come into the shop.  They want it to be a fun place, but also a safe and respectful place.  They make it known that there will be no bad behavior, arguing, swearing, or unnecessary roughness while you’re in their shop.  And they are highly motivated to serve this community which they’ve made their home, whether it’s giving free haircuts for back-to-school or a free haircut to an elderly neighborhood resident who needs a helping hand.  This is a very family-friendly, respectful place to visit and bring your children!

Award-winning Rock Hill, SC barbers

Kut Kreator is a winner of the Rock Hill Schools “2015 Outstanding Business Partner” for their efforts on behalf of Rock Hill’s school children.

The Barbers of Kut Kreator

Barbers at Kut Kreator Barber Shop in Rock Hill, SC

Meet the guys, left to right:  Nick, Jovan (front), Murdock (rear center), Hoggie, TCat, and Cleavon.  Drive on down to visit ..... they’re ready and waiting! 

 Why get a cut ... when you can get a Kreation!!

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Kut Kreator Barber Shop .... award-winning barbers in Rock Hill SC

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